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In 2018, Aamyneh, a 16-year old student at the time, founded ‘Speak To Lead,’ through which she began to teach conversational English, global awareness, and public speaking skills to students from low-income families enrolled at government-run schools to help students think critically, globally, and inquisitively. 

Her engagement reiterated the disparities between government-funded and private schooling. Largely, Aamyneh's goal was, and still is, to transform the landscape of government-funded education in India. While the Indian Right To Education Act, 2009 has improved enrolment rates and the gender-parity index, it has not contributed to student engagement or prescribed a learning-outcome oriented curriculum.

‘Speak To Lead’ birthed an extraordinary family of over 570 students united not by income-brackets or race or background or language, but by their determined pursuit of knowledge: a desire to speak in order to lead. 

Meet our volunteers

Our team of ten volunteers are empathetic, patient, and driven.
Reach out to us if you want to be on our team!

Pavi Hundekari, 19

KREA '24
Bombay International School '20

Pavi, a gifted writer and literary whiz, is known among students at Speak to Lead as the most loving and understanding 'didi.' ('Didi' means sister in Hindi)

Aaliya Ramakrishnan, 17

Bombay International School '22

Aaliya is a multitalented superwoman and powerhouse: a violinist, writer, actor, who is beloved and treasured by the Speak to Lead team.

Vir Makim, 18

NYU '24
Bombay International School '20

Vir, a particularly accomplished speaker, debater, and leader, is arguably the most entertaining and endearing volunteers we have at Speak to Lead.

Ayaan Mecklai, 15

Bombay International School '23

Ayaan, an avid coder and zealous speaker, is known for his dedication in building Speak to Lead's reach through digital tools.

Dhruv Gurjar, 17

Bombay International School '21

Dhruv, loved by the Speak to Lead student body for his ability to captivate every child's attention, is multi-talented, sporty, and a born leader.

Our current partners

Anjuman-I-Islam, Seva Sadan Society, Down To Earth, and the Aga Khan Development Network have worked with us and are currently working with us. If you are an interested school or not-for-profit organisation, email us!


Anjuman-I-Islam was founded in 1874 by a small group of Muslims lead by Dr. Badruddin Tyabji, the Third President of Indian National Congress and the First Acting Indian Chief Justice of Bombay High Court, with a ‘desire to see the Muslim Community advance in education and social standing’. With 90 institutions across India, we were privileged enough to work with their Pune branch.

Seva Sadan Society

Seva Sadan Society in Mumbai has been a sanctuary for marginalised girls for over a century. They continue to protect, nurture, and empower them with education, skills and opportunities not only to improve their own lives, but also change lives of their families and impact communities.

Down To Earth

Down To Earth (DTE), a non-profit organization that engages with children, youth and women from humble backgrounds. The DTE team comprises of individuals that have a passion for catalyzing constructive change. DTE facilitates educational, sports, drama, life skills and livelihoods programs that enable individuals and communities to expand their potential.

Aga Khan Education Board, India

For over 100 years the Aga Khan Development Network has worked to ensure that students of all ages have access to quality learning opportunities. Each year, the AKDN reaches 2 million learners across 16 countries.